Tend Your Inner Flame

Note that this says to “tend your inner flame.” It does not say “tame” it. That’s likely not possible, anyway.

fire, flame, deep down, tame, know yourself

Your inner flame can quickly turn into a fire which rages. Especially when someone or something pierces you deeply. Cuts you to your core. People and circumstances have the power, if you let them, to expose your soul and the pain can be extreme. But with the right perspective, this can be a rare opportunity for you to see exactly what you’re all about.

When you rage, whether with frustration or anger (which can also be caused by sorrow) the spark of your life force which resides within you bursts forth. And it incinerates the object, circumstance, or person which cut you so deep. In the aftermath, know that this is not a time to focus on the destruction. What has been destroyed has its place as well. It was meant to be sacrificed. It all had to happen so your attention could be drawn to look upon the flames which are deep within you.

Forging Fire

The whole scenario which caused you to rage is actually meant to show you those very flames, so you may better understand the force which drives you. Because when flames come together they create a fire which forges.

Be wary, though. Untended flames can cause a path of destruction until you become aware of them. So now that you are aware of your fire, know that you are meant to tend these flames which create the fire which forges your life. Know that these are also the flames will be used to destroy what does not serve who you are.

Through your pain, strive to see your fire. Begin to get to know it so you may use its force to create a life in line with what speaks to your soul.