Being Debt Free

I know that most of us look for riches, or maybe just wealth. But what we’re actually looking for is to relieve the uncertainty of life. We want to perceive that we are safe from loss, or some less desirable circumstance. And all of that is beautifully human. But we can learn something much greater from eliminating our debts. Something more valuable than having more money.

Eliminating the Burden

The burdens we have placed upon ourselves for the sake of living a “good” life, a “safe” life have stripped us of our freedom. And freedom is what all people seek. Freedom to be themselves, freedom to explore life, freedom to be and do…and even “buy”…whatever strikes us in a given moment.

But with a little consideration, you will see that it is not “money” which is in short supply. It is the debt we have created which is in abundance – the debt we created thinking we could use it to symbolize freedom.

So seek not to “make more money,” seek the path to eliminate the burden of your debts, whether monetary or emotional. This is a small shift in perspective which will grant great freedom. Because it is freedom which you seek. Freedom is priceless. And with this perspective you will have an abundance of freedom. Which means you will be rich, both emotionally and monetarily.