Self Confident…or not

hard work, effort, success, work hard, deserving, prove it

The whole point of working hard is to prove to yourself that what you want is possible for you. To prove to yourself that you are worthy of having it. Sure, you may think that you’re proving that you have what it takes to someone else – a boss, a parent, a spouse, etc. But when you want something different from what you already know you can have, you only have one person to prove anything to…and that one person is yourself.

And the loftier the goal, the more hoops you make yourself jump through to prove your worthiness.

Working Hard

When you “work hard” you tell yourself that you’re trying to create scenarios which lead to success. You’re not. What you’re actually doing is exercising your abilities in a new way in order to show yourself, to convince yourself, that you have the perseverance, the know how, the drive to create the scenarios which lead to a desired outcome.

You see, “working hard” is really just an elaborate process of building the confidence you need to have in your vision…as well as the confidence you need to have in yourself to achieve your vision.

So take stock of how hard you work…it’ll tell you a lot about how confident you are.