Knowing Your Potential

potential, capacity, fulfill, know your potential

If you want to know what you’re capable of, first seek to realize the capacity of even the tiniest thing.

Example: Your bank account is insured up to a certain amount. Realize what your bank account is capable of handling and help it fulfill its capacity. Help it fulfill its potential.

Once you start seeing things you have as having greater capacity, you will begin to see their untapped potential. In turn, this will help to inspire you to help them fulfill their potential by using them to their fullest capacity.

Not Greed, Gratitude

Using something to its fullest capacity available is not greed. It is seeing what is possible. It shows that you value its role, its availability, to create improvement. And this approach is bigger than “you.”

Beginning to use things to their fullest capacity is an opportunity for newly inspired ideas. It is an opportunity for growth and improvement. And it is an opportunity for gratitude.

Helping others, whether people or things, fulfill their potential is exactly how you will come to see, and put to good use, your own.