Your Life’s Ridiculous Chaos

When you’re told a change is coming, you need to realize that it’s already here. You don’t need to be “on the look out” for it.

You’ll find this mysterious “change” amongst all of the ridiculousness which is playing out in your life. Because these moments of chaos are “the change” you’ve been warned about. These moments are how Consciousness is adjusting your reality to better fit your ideas of what should be.

Navigating Chaos

Now that you realize this you will be able to take a different approach. Because you’ve already learned how to navigate chaos. You have already come through so much and tempered your approach. Deep down you know that this chaos will pass, just like all the other times, and things will be good once again.

Wiser, Not Damaged

Realize that you have been through greater storms than this and you came through wiser, not damaged, as perhaps you once believed. You know exactly what you need to do to make it through this tough time. You just needed to be reminded.

Now, take a deep breath. Embrace that this chaos is temporary. Rise above the scenarios to see things from a different perspective, so you can begin to navigate the chaos with logic and calm.