Figuring Out Bad Days

Good day, easy, hard, practice, affirmations

Having a good day should not rely on other people’s role in your life. Having a good day relies on your perspective. And changing your perspective is relatively easy…once you get the hang of it. Once you discipline your mind.

Disciplining your mind takes practice, repetition. So never stop practicing. Because it will get easier, and you likely won’t be able to pinpoint the moment it did.

Actually, disciplining your mind is all you know. You repeat yesterday’s discipline every day. You’ve just amassed enough info, and done it so many times, that it is easy now.

Time to start something new. It’s time to learn.

New Daily Routine

Each morning repeat this,

Self, please provide me with the experience of the best possible day in the best possible way.

Over time, this affirmation will evolve. There is no affirmation that won’t. Because you evolve. It’s that simple.

No, you shouldn’t try to figure out what you need to do next. Simply do what presents itself knowing that it is part of the way you achieve the best day you’ve asked for.

Need Proof?

How can you prove this? Well, you always get what you ask for. You just pay more attention to your struggles. And so you get more of them…because they are what you are focusing on “figuring out”.

Shift your focus, your perspective, by first noticing how you play a role in your bad days. Stop trying to “figure it out” and just do what you do knowing that it is part of either a good day or a bad day. It’s entirely up to you.

Good days are no harder than the bad ones. You’ve just repeated your role in the bad ones that they’ve become easier for you. Time to learn something new. Time to practice so “good” becomes as easy as “bad.”