Results of Your Actions

Results, tiny victories, big picture, hasty, slow down, mindfulness, success, improve,

We all create a little bit of suffering each day by telling ourselves how we haven’t reached our goals just yet. We challenge ourselves to make big changes. Changes drastically different from what we currently know, and then we “work hard” and “strive”. Then, when the timing of the results don’t match the intensity of our output, we give up.

We need to gain perspective on how we perceive “results”. There are all kinds of results. And we get them every minute, we just think we know what the results should look like, and until we see them in a specific way, we push ourselves to exhaustion and, once again, we give up.

So just remember, there are immediate results and results that take more time. Embrace each result. Don’t insist on rushing them. Each result fits into a bigger scenario you can’t even imagine.