Your Attachments

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The only way to change your patterns is to observe them…and not make excuses for them. If you are constantly racing around, late for this and late for that, you should take some time to ask yourself if you truly want to do what you are doing. And your answer should be your truth, not the truth you think is socially acceptable.

You really do need to begin to acknowledge yourself as an individual. Most of us don’t even realize that our “truths” are a result of what we’ve been taught and conditioned to think.

The Other Others

If you begin to do things which make you happy others will be happy too…it’s just that the “others” around you will change.

The new “others” will appreciate you more than the other others. Because your self worth will no longer be contingent on you doing what other people think you should do. You will simply do what you do with pleasure, and others will come along who complement you…not complicate you.

Easier Than You Think

It’s actually quite an easy change. We just make it dramatic by thinking of it as “letting them go,” and other over thought thoughts. Bottom line, if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll realize that people come and people go at the exact perfect time in our lives. It is as the Buddha says, attachments are the cause of our suffering.

Free yourself from your attachment to them and find your joy. You will always be contented and you will never be alone.