Your Spirit Guide Wants You To Floss Your Teeth

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When you’re in the thick of life’s struggles you have to nurture the discipline to focus your attention, just for a moment, on something that you can do that’s good for you. Just one tiny thing that doesn’t take much time, but is something that you can look back on and say “I did that and it was good for me.” Like flossing your teeth.

Do this every day. Set a timer for even 15 seconds…then maybe a little longer the next day. Because when you do little things you know are good for you, you begin to form and solidify good habits that will last. And as you make these improvements to yourself, without even knowing, you begin to carry the effects of these good things into your interactions and positively affect others.

This is how you improve your life. This is how you grow the good in your life, and this is how you nurture good in the world.