About This Whole “Self-Improvement” Thing

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We all want to get better in some way or another. We want to get healthy, get over our ex, be inspired to get off the couch, start a new career. Hell, some of us just want to start over altogether. But no matter what you try, changes just don’t seem to stick. Here’s a solution to that.

So What You’re Saying Is…

We’ve all heard that the mind plays a vital role in everything you do, including healing – physically and, of course, mentally. If you’re fortunate enough to simply be aware of this, you’re further than you realize.

Since you stumbled upon this post you are probably someone who realizes that your mind affects your body, and your environment, on a physical and chemical level. Although you might not understand exactly how it’s all tied together just yet. You’re probably here because no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to make what you want happen. Or maybe you just want to make the fleeting improvements stick around a little longer.

Here’s what to do…

  1. Remember that this takes practice. It is not a linear journey of “do this, get that.” And within the practice are your learning experiences. The ones you’ll look back on and be thankful for. So approach this mind body experience as practice, it’s not a test. Permit yourself to enjoy the ride.
  2. Practice putting your ego in check. Remember that if you think about things you really like, even love, you will experience more flow. Which makes these intentional thoughts especially important when doing things you don’t like. Actually, that’s when it’s crucial. Because that’s when your ego is throwing a fit and standing in your way.

In order to understand how to heal your mind and your body…and assist healing your body with your mind…you must take back control of your selfish thoughts. They are not you, they are the you who feels out of total control of your physical environment. Begin the journey of recognizing that many of your thoughts are wounded ego thoughts.

Start gently redirecting your thoughts to think of things that would be more enjoyable. Stop reminding yourself what you don’t want and start teaching yourself to think about what you do want. You will get where you want to go. Just remember the joy really does come from getting to the goal.

I Know What You’re Thinking

…and if you’re thinking “but I need *this* to happen before I can *do* that,” then go back and read this post again. You need to teach your ego the truth, instead of believing what it’s telling you.