About How You’re Living Your Life

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We’ve been told that we have to “live our lives”. We’ve also been told that we need to “lead our lives.” Both of these, and a slew of other sayings, imply that there is some more “correct,” and properly moral approach to life. This then implies that there is some proper action which must be taken to “live” and “lead” our lives to fit these parameters. Which is probably why there are an infinite number of books by “experts” on how to do just that. Are you willing to consider that could be a different approach?

Maybe you do not lead a life. Instead, consider that you are led to your life by the thoughts you think the most. From there, your life is the experience of occurrences, scenarios, and situations. While you may experience these similarly to others, they are always uniquely your own. If you’re willing to consider this, let’s take it one step further.

Consider that you interact with situations and apply your current knowledge to how to navigate them. Often, you think back over how you could have handled things better, or differently. So, your thoughts lead you right back to the same scenarios over and over…because you keep thinking about them, over and over.

Try to visualize yourself applying your knowledge to new, more desirous situations. Instead of just applying it to the same situation over and over. This is how you will mature, and how you will mature your vision of the life you want to experience. It is how you break cycles and grow beyond situations; and it is how you are led to new, desired experiences.