You’re Focused on That Bad Decision

Coffee on table below lamp with words about fear and worry influencing outcomes

So…right now you seem to be recalling the consequences of your “bad” decisions. But you’re not just remembering them, you’re focusing on them. When you focus on them, you apply them to all aspects of your life. This is how you see yourself as lacking something. And this is what results in emotions like fear and worry.

The Wrong Outcomes

If you’re feeling fearful and worrisome, then you’re likely focusing on the wrong outcomes. Try and think about the opposite potential outcome, even though it can be hard…really hard. Don’t bother yourself with “how” you can achieve this outcome. Just think about it.

The Flow of Outcomes

This will help you change your focus. When you change your focus, you change your perspective. When you change your perspective, you change how you approach decisions…and what you decide determines the actions you take.

So you see, all of this combined subsequently changes your outcome. But it all begins with what possibility you decide to think about.

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