Your Conditions for Happiness

Coffee cup with quote about money having nothing to do with happiness

I know what you’re thinking. Money eases the burden of uncertainty. The opposite of uncertainty is (obviously) certainty. Certainty is safe and if we’re safe, we’re a bit freer. When we’re free, we’re happy. But this approach to money, as well as happiness, is fleeting. It’s actually quite a long journey through a variety of conditions to reach happiness.

What If We Have It Backwards?

What if the truth is, if you chase money you can buy yourself temporary happiness. But the chase is exhausting and unrewarding in more ways than one. But if you chase happiness, your perspective on money changes. Money becomes one of the many rewards for doing things which bring you happiness. It becomes a side effect, rather than the focus.

If you look a little closer at how you (as well as others you admire) approach money and happiness, you will likely find that those who chase money thinking it can buy happiness have a different, fleeting approach to happiness.