Money On Your Mind

Concept image of a cup of coffee with quote about how your appreciation for the rewards of your work explains how you feel about how you value the work.

Let’s cut to the chase. You have money on your mind. But have you ever taken a few minutes to think about how you feel about money? How you nurture your money? No? Then take a moment and look around you.

How you value and personally tend (or don’t tend) to the things around you will tell you a lot about how you feel about how you had to earn them. If you didn’t earn them yourself, then it’ll tell you a lot about how you feel about whoever did.

Keep in mind, “earning” can mean more than working for money. It can mean any process which gave you what you have.

But We’re Talking About Money

Money is the most diverse reward you can get for spending your time doing something. It can buy you things that being paid in, say, coffee cups won’t. How you spend (or save) your money tells you a lot about how much you regard and value the work that went into earning it. How you subsequently tend to the things money has bought you will tell you even more.

In a world shaped by consumerism, seek to find meaning in your relationship with money. Money does have an energy, and you can learn to vibe with it…if you start considering how you value it.