Wish Granted, Now What?


You know that old saying, “Be careful what you wish for?” It’s true…because you just might get it. Basically, in getting what we want, we only see the good it would bring. We fail to realize, until we’re faced with the struggles which come with getting a wish dropped in our laps, that even what we think is a dream come true still has a natural balance of innate drawbacks. We call this polarity.

Navigating the Pitfalls of Desire

What if we’re missing a major reason why getting what we wish for has its pitfalls. What if, by getting what we wish for only has its perils because we prematurely stop to indulge in what we get. When instead we should realize that once we get what we wish for, we’re supposed to continue to nurture and guide it.

A wish granted is always a blessing. But we must tend to all the things that we have, and all things we receive. Life is not a linear, “do this, get that” perspective. It’s about continuing to cultivate our lives based on the vision we have for ourselves. When you get what you want, you must then help it become all that it can be.