Cringy Actions

Tired unicorn with coffee and quote about taking the actions which lead to fewer regrets

Every single thing you do is something you will remember. Sure, you can ignore it, or simply put it out of your mind. But you will never forget it…even if you think you forgot. Somewhere in you remembers.

If you can realize that your actions will be forever emblazoned on some memory within your body – mind, brain, cells, molecules, and all the other parts of you that you don’t realize are remembering – you’ll understand why it’s so important to choose your actions wisely. Because life gives us the opportunity to be wise, if we choose to find the wisdom…instead of choosing to become wounded.

If you allow it, your actions hold lessons. Choose your actions in a way which will make how you remember your choices the best part of every outcome – good or bad. Remember, don’t just take action to get the outcomes your ego desires. Choose your actions in a way which get you closer to the person you truly want to be.

Know Yourself

If you don’t know who you want to be, stop taking such thoughtless action. It’s time to let the world around you fall away. It’s time to tend to your mind. It’s time to get to know yourself.

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