You Want More…of something

Dinosaur in a coffee cup with words about how to figure out what you want

You may find yourself wanting “more,” but you’re just not sure what “more” is. The good news is, you don’t have to figure out what “more” is. Simply wanting “more” of anything is your call to take a journey.

It will take awhile, but if you’re dedicated to something “more” you will find it. You just have to be willing to embark on an unknown path.

Your First Step

One of the very first things you can do is give yourself permission to want more. Resist the urge to define “more.” Let go of your desire for control and accept that “more” will be something which fulfills you. After that, just continue to work at disciplining your mind.

As you discipline your mind, you will begin to gain understanding which will help you release guilt and greed, insecurities and self-doubt. Because what honestly means more to you is buried deep beneath the conditioning of your external reality.

What You Thought Mattered

By disciplining your mind, you will redirect your focus from futilely tending to the “fires” you put out every day. This decluttering of your mind will begin to help you find what means “more” to you. (Again, not what you’ve been taught should have meaning.) Then you’ll need to give yourself permission to embrace and accept what you discover to be true about yourself. That’s when the next journey begins.

Before You Head Out

Before you head out there’s one very important thing you should know. This journey will lead to another, and another. You will never rid yourself of your past, but you will stop letting it dictate your future.

You will see that all the cringy things in your life, all the trauma, were teaching you who you wanted to be and who you didn’t. Life has been guiding you right here to this moment for you to consciously accept that you are on a perpetual journey, and the next phase awaits.