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We tend to think of things in a romantic, pining sense when it comes to our desires from our relationships. We want to be “wanted” and we want to be “needed” by someone we admire. If this resonates with you, consider how you determine your value. Because the truth is, you’re allowing your value to be determined based on the expectations, opinions, criticisms, and acceptance from others. It might be time for you to think about your relationships in a different way. Meaning, it might be time for you to think about who you know yourself to be.

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Self acceptance is something we all understand by definition, but it takes time and perspective before we can metabolize it for what it means to us. Try to observe your life as an objective third party, and be honest with yourself about what you truly want from your relationships. What you will begin to uncover are the things that no one will ever be able to sufficiently fill for you, except you.

You can begin to find ways to give yourself the things you are searching for. That is how you will go from wanting to be wanted, or wanting what you have to offer to be needed by someone else. It is how you will come to know yourself, and simply find that you’d like someone to admire your true self enough to hang out for awhile.

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