Your Course of Action

Drawing of astrology coffee cup with words about taking action and the outcomes

You’ve done a lot to get you to this point…and it all started with one single action. You may not realize it, but by taking action, you put your faith in it, and now you’ve learned exactly what it could do.

The outcome is almost upon you, so it’s time to pause and observe. Even if you feel as though everything is completely blown apart, and utterly destroyed. Don’t do anything. Because what you are witnessing is the explosive force of creation. The force that your action created. You need to be still now and just observe. What you are witnessing is a forging. What comes next is extremely fertile — a fruitful landscape which will have the capacity to produce what you set out to create.

You Can’t Stop It

There is more than meets the eye going on here. You can’t stop it, so allow your world to be shaped by the action you took. Realize that every single action you take sets a series of events in motion. So once the dust has settled, you can take new action which will cultivate your new landscape.

Realize that in the course of every action you take, you will go through a process of learning what that action is capable of doing. Then you must also realize that, at some point in that course of action, you have to stop doing and experience the outcome.

Once you are able to observe your outcomes, you will be better suited to give every action you think about taking your full-attention and consideration. Because once you take action you set off another chain of events which will further shape your reality. What you do with that reality is up to you and how you choose your next course of action.

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