Their Thoughts Are Kinda Screwing Up Your Life

Mermaid in coffee cup with quote about letting others influence your choices

We don’t always pay attention to the fact that outside influences and the thoughts they create within us are truly guiding our lives. When we are even willing to consider other people’s thoughts (AKA: opinions) they become an influence in our lives. Which means others literally help create our life – our physical reality. Yes, we’re back to the whole, “thoughts create reality” thing.

The more the acceptance and approval of another means to us, the more consideration and value we give their thoughts and opinions in relation to our direction in life. And we all know what they say about opinions.

Opinions Are Like A**holes

For the most part, people mean things to us, although in varying degrees. Perhaps it’s just a passive meaning, such as you don’t want to be rude to the checkout person at the store. Or maybe they mean a lot and we don’t want to let them down, because they are deeply important to the way we perceive how we to fit in this world. This even includes the people that we are determined to prove wrong, or teach a lesson.

What people mean to us is the degree to how we will consider their wants, desires, thoughts, and opinions with regard to our own lives. This is precisely how we give away our personal meaning and fulfillment. Because we want to mean something to them, more than we want to mean something to ourselves.

The Elephant in the Room

A major detail you need to recognize here is that this is a perfect example of how other people’s thoughts are affecting the outcome of your life. But it’s not their thought alone. It’s the fact that you are willing to consider their thought and couple it with an emotion to determine your choices.

This is exactly how thoughts create everything. It’s just how life works. Don’t believe me? Give the concept of a stress headache about 30 seconds of solid thought. You’ll see. The process may be intricate, but in the end, physical reality is influenced by thoughts.

Remember the whole “thought->emotion” process? Well, here it is. Only now you’re seeing how your thoughts are actually someone else’s. It’s time to take your thoughts back.