Your Advice Today, Take the Long Way

Fox walking with coffee with quote about taking your time to see results

We love quick fixes and seeing “fast results.” They’re amazing, if not a bit pricey. Results are how we’ve been taught to validate our efforts and see our worth.

Irony With a Bonus

The irony is that you can’t learn shortcuts if you don’t take the long way initially. The bonus is, each time you take the long way, you learn a shortcut for if and when you encounter it again.

It’s true that people looking for the “quick” way will see your value, and be willing to pay for fast results. But you will also become valuable to others who are taking the long way…you can teach them what you’ve been learning along your long way.

The difference between the short and long ways will be seen in the quality of the results. So learn patience and always try to take the long way.