The Effects You Caused

owl with coffee cup and words about learning

Sure, you know how it feels. [Fill in whatever “it” means to you in this moment.] Which is what it takes to feel empathy for others, as well as help you move toward your goals. The only problem is, you’re kind of feeling sorry for yourself.

Right now, you’re so focused on using the perspective you’ve gained to remember how it felt to go through what you went through. Instead of realizing that you have learned how it feels to experience what you experienced. Which means you now have what it takes to decide if you want to do “it” again…or not. It’s a small, but important detail.

Your Contribution to Your Situation

Life is a series of experiences that guide you to a place of knowledge. This knowledge is what leads to a place of acceptance and contentment. How long it takes to accept things as they are is dependent on how hard you try to extract what you want out of a situation…instead of accepting the results.

Results are the natural laws of cause and effect…which were caused by your actions. Realize that you simply contribute to outcomes, you do not dictate them. However, the quality of your contribution can influence the outcome. But the quality of your contribution is first created by the knowledge you have, which was gained by having your experiences.

What I’m trying to say is, you have to first experience the results. Then you must see how you contributed to them. That’s how you learn to do “it” better.

Finding Your Peace

You’re in a great position to use the perspective you’ve gained to find the confidence, and contentment, which can only come from understanding cause and effect. This will allow you to help shed light on things for others, as well as help you make quality decisions which will guide you where you want to go.