Those Pesky Expectations

sketch of woman's hands holding coffee cup and spoon with words about focus

Everything you see around you was something you had in your mind, whether you were paying attention or not. It was all created by a younger, more immature version of you. So why are you letting outdated creations, and the experiences you had while creating them, dictate what you think is possible next? You are capable of so much more — just look how much you’ve already created.

Your Focus

Everything you have is something you decided you wanted. Again, whether you were paying attention to it or not. Which means that the very first thing you need to do is decide what it is you want. Because what you want, not how you will get it, will become your focus.

Next, accept that you can experience exactly what you want, every detail of it, in your mind. You can feel every emotion of it, and have its complete experience, without ever needing to actually, physically experience it. This will help you release any expectations you have surrounding wanting physical experiences as proof of your abilities to live the life you desire.

After all, the physical experience of it will be wrought with the “cause and effect” that come along when material reality must be moved around and the free will of others becomes a factor. So do not seek to persuade others’ free will, only learn to focus and create the experience exactly as what you want it to go in your mind. Let yourself feel the beauty of your perfection. What surrounds you physically has no bearing on your internal experience as you nurture your heartfelt desire.

Release Expectation

It’s not about believing or not believing. Focusing on influencing your belief actually create its own resistance as you dream. So just forget about experiencing your dream in your physical reality. Let the dream of it suffice, it is more perfect anyway. Just know, somewhere in the back of your mind, that thought does influence the world around you. That much we know to be true.

The more time you spend cultivating the image of what you want and feeling the emotions of the experience, the more likely the waves of possibility will collapse into a reality of your preference. But that’s neither here nor there. Just nurture your dream to its perfection. Those thoughts will dictate your emotions, which will lead to your refined actions. It is those actions which will help change the world you see.