Wanna Get Lucky?

koala sleeping and dreaming on a coffee cup

The trouble is, you keep letting external things divert your mind’s focus. Remember, you live in two distinct realities. One in your mind (the “you” who’s reading this), and the one that acts things out in a different, physical reality (the experience you think is more “real”). They do, in fact, influence one another. It’s up to you which you choose – your dreams influencing how you behave or circumstances determining how you react.

It’s About Your Focus

You are always focused on something. The difference is, how you determine that focus. Are you reactive – having thoughts about how to sustain, recover, or get ahead based on circumstances you perceive with your physical senses? Or are you able to see yourself, in your mind, doing what you would do if life was, in fact, your version of perfection?

Either way, you will always act according to your thoughts. Learn to focus your thoughts on the results you want and you will naturally, and effortlessly act accordingly. Synchronicities will occur, but you’ll probably just say that you got lucky.

With a little focus, it won’t take long for you to realize that you are always choosing your focus and flawlessly getting what you focus on. The more descriptive your focus, the more specific your experience will get. Remember, you don’t have to settle in once you start to experience what you want. The whole point is to keep making things better.