The Question In Your Situation

Black cat with coffee and words about finding questions you need answered

Have you considered looking at your situation(s), your relationships, your every experience, and uncovering the question in each? Ask yourself, “Why am I experiencing this? What do I want to know about myself — and no one else involved?” Ask yourself until you easily understand the question. If the question is complicated, then you don’t know the question. Keep asking.

Once you realize the question, the answers will be obvious…if you’re honest with yourself. Once you have the answers, you’ll know what you need to reconcile in yourself. Then you can begin to make adjustments to how you approach, nurture, and enhance the underlying issue within you. From there, you’ll find it much easier to move forward. You’ll be wiser, too.

The Process

First thing, you’ll have to learn to focus and clear your mind. You’re asking yourself something specific, so you don’t want to be distracted by arbitrary thoughts caused by a hyperactive mind or external events. This will be a process in itself. So begin to learn how to relax, clear your mind, and focus on asking the question.

Life is a process of self refinement. You’re not meant to have experience after experience with no regard for what it represents to you and your life’s unique meaning.

Find the questions — Get the answers — Refine yourself — Enhance your entire life