We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Distraction

Cartoon squirrel holding coffee with words about finding focus

If you’re going to create the life you want, you first need to experience for yourself how life works. It’s about focus. You’re not getting what you want because you are not focused on anything long enough to make it a reality.

Whether you have an understanding of how the forces of life work or not, the truth is, if you have focus your actions will match that focus and bring things to life. True, everything will have positives and negatives. To what degree will depend on, you guessed it, what you’re focused on.

Finding Focus in 4 Steps

If you’re going to find focus you have to know what it is you want. You have to see it clearly in your mind. Don’t know what you want? Try this:

  1. Focus your eyes on a clock counting down from 1 minute. Your mind will get distracted with thoughts. Let all the random thoughts pop into your mind. Then call your attention back to your eyes, and note how the thoughts cycle in and out.
  2. Reset the clock for another minute. Focus your eyes on the numbers again. Thoughts will come again. Write these thoughts down. Practice this until you feel which thoughts matter most.
  3. Of the thoughts which matter most, figure out what you would like to have happen. Pick one and begin to focus on it by writing it down with your non-dominant hand. This will create depth of focus. A clearer vision. This will deeply seat these thoughts in your mind. The more you do this, the clearer your focus will become, and more new thoughts will come. Let these thoughts be the ones which guide you.
  4. Remember to enjoy the process. What happens in your mind is just as real as what happens in your physical reality. You just don’t see it that way…yet.

The Point

The hypnotic state of your distractions — whether they are the lull of life’s experiences or the lull of media — is what is causing your life to be adrift. That’s why you aren’t living the life you want. You don’t even clearly know what the life you want actually looks like. If you’re going to figure out what you want, and actually get it, you have to get started by taking back your focus.