For Those Thoughts That Stink

The sense of smell is a remarkably complex experience. Science shows that the sense of smell can detect the nutritional content of our foods. It keeps us safe, by preventing us from eating harmful foods, as well. Plus, it can be cultivated. Just like our thoughts.

It’s entirely possible that those thoughts which “smell bad” to us/cause negative reactions, are how our subconscious mind keeps us protected. They aren’t there to be nurtured, sorted, and solved for, but rather, they are there to show us what we don’t want. So we can refocus on what we do want.

It’s Deeper Than You Think

Our sense of smell is layered with complexity, and we don’t know as much as we do about it as we do our other senses. Just like our subconscious mind. They are both deep, and the closer we look the more we will learn.

The first step to navigating negative thoughts is to find ways of acknowledging them. Acknowledge them so we can understand what it is we do want. Then we can eliminate them. There is no right or wrong way to eliminate negative thoughts. Everyone will find ways which work for them. Perhaps some kind of mental ritual to wash them away would work for you. The only thing you need to remember is that you must first accept that your thoughts are another dimension of you. Again, it’s deep.

Bottom Line

Too often we dwell on negative thoughts and their consequences, figuring out ways to control for them, or even keep them from happening. But perhaps all we need is a different approach. Negative thoughts are cues to what we don’t want, so we can find the thoughts we do want, and focus on those instead.