Your Decisions | What You See Is What You Get

Hedgehogs drinking coffee on a tree branch with advice about decisions

We all want to make good decisions. But all too often, we try and make those decisions based on a blend of what we want, and how other people and things can be/give us what we want. We keep thinking that someone/something else will make us happy. They won’t. You have to know yourself, so you can make yourself happy. It may sound exhausting, but it’s worth it.

Making Things Work…Sort Of

Whether it is something old or something new, if what/who you see before you, “as is,” does not suit the vision you have of your best life, then base your decision on that. It seems noble to want to “work hard” at making things…well…work. But you have to realize that often this means that you are working hard to make them/it into what you need them to be. Not accepting things as they are.

You may even go so far as to sacrifice what you truly want…but you’ll call it “compromise.” Again, noble, but also futile. You are best to come to realize, and accept, that this “as is” version must be enough. You cannot want them to be anything different. From there, the decision will be clear. Whether you choose to make the decision is up to you.

Red Flags

While some people truly can “make it work,” it takes a lot. Often, things won’t be what you thought they would be. So pay attention to the red flags. You’re noticing them for a reason, they have a purpose. They aren’t always negative, they are just warnings that things aren’t as you would like.

Make Things Better

Seek to make your surroundings better. Make decisions with that in mind. I promise, you won’t miss out on anything, except the things you’d rather not experience.