The Real Meaning of Hustle

People often tout the work ethic of having “hustle.” Which basically implies tirelessly working to build/make/get something. But this type of hustle is futile if how you see yourself doesn’t match with the results you think you desire.

Finding Your Hustle

If you truly want to find your hustle, and not the hustle necessary to build society’s vision of what you should be, you need to have a look around. Because everything you see around you mirrors back to you details of your personal self image. For example, does your used car make you feel poor or frugal? Recognizing the details of how your surroundings make you feel can help you facilitate improvement to your inner monologue, which is precisely the hustle you need to change your life.

True Hustle – Making An Impression

Your true hustle needs to transform your vision of yourself. How? Begin to impress upon yourself different thoughts, even though it will be difficult at first. Impressing something new will naturally have to remove its contradiction. You can’t focus on two opposing thoughts at the same time. Pick one and remind yourself of it as often as possible.

You can also take physical action to “spruce up” or enhance your physical surroundings. Since the outer world speaks to your inner world, you can always start making an impression by making your outer world better.

The Takeaway

What you need to know is that if you want something different from what you have it is going to take more than physical action to get it. It is going to take transformation of who you know/think yourself to be. So you need to figure out who that person is, so you can make the necessary adjustments that bring your understanding of yourself in line with what it is you want to experience.

You have to first become the person that can have the experience you desire. Otherwise, the experience will be fleeting. Let your hustle be that you never give up on transforming yourself into a refined version you.