Pressure With A Purpose

tired owl with coffee and words about pressure

Too often people seek to relieve the pressure they are under. Even the pressure they self impose by “wanting” things. Their quest to relieve pressure is often to have their burden spontaneously lifted, or their wants spontaneously gifted. But alleviating pressure without experiencing it ensures that pressures will arise, once again, and the same old struggles will ensue. The best thing to do is understand what pressure reveals to you.

Pressure Reveals

Think of the physical sensation of “applying pressure.” When you apply pressure to an object, it reveals details you wouldn’t ordinarily notice. This is exactly what your situational, psychological, and emotional pressures are doing to you. Pressure is attempting to reveal more to you about whatever pressure you are experiencing.

What To Do

So if you are under pressure, and who isn’t, take this opportunity to understand the value of pressure in developing your life. Whatever pressure you feel — be it material, mental, or emotional, do not wish it to be resolved or gone, instead lean into it. Seek each of your pressure’s central themes and strive to understand the details. Research and study topics surrounding it so you can develop your knowledge.

The Goal of Pressure

The goal of pressure is to prepare you for the solutions you desire, not have the solutions you desire handed to you. Pressure gives you the opportunity to take back the entirety of control in your life, rather than requesting it from another. The latter is actually wrought with more pressures.

So, whether you are experiencing pressure surrounding things you want in this life or experiencing emotional pressure, build your knowledge. Research and learn the wise things to do once you have whatever it is that alleviates your pressure. Then, as new pressures arise, you’ll know exactly what to do, because you will be wiser for having overcome something similar before.