Improve | Life Is One Big Do-Over

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Let the things you’ve already done, the actions you’ve taken – in your physical reality and the things you’ve seen yourself do in your imagination – play themselves out. Because they do both create outcomes that you’ll experience. Good news is, you can improve on those outcomes. Actually, you’re supposed to improve on them. Life is really one big do-over…an ongoing opportunity to improve and enhance.

Wheels in Motion

You’ve set things in motion by both doing and imagining. They both create in their unique ways. So let them take shape. If you want to improve upon what’s already been set in motion, you only need to do one of two things…but both are advised if you truly seek improvement.

1. Mental

Spend some time revisiting your ideas and refining them in your mind. This will further revise and refine your vision and improve your outcomes.

2. Physical

Ask yourself if the actions you took were the best you could do to produce the results needed. If not, go back and do them again. If you make your actions better, you’ll improve the outcomes.

Your entire goal is to realize that you really do control your destiny, so you can improve it.

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