Whatever You’re About To Do, Do This Instead

Doorway to Wonderland with words about how you see yourself

You probably don’t realize it but your entire life has been created because of your rehearsal things you’ve learned early on in life. Your mind repeats scenarios and, believe it or not, you have created a self image based on the things you’ve experienced in your life. Which is precisely why you’re living the life you do.

So You Want To Make A Change

We’ve all heard a million ways to change our lives. It’s true that if you decide to physically change your life by taking physical action, you may find success. But if this success is in contrast to your self image (how you see and know yourself) the Universal Laws must restore balance between the two. You may lose some, or even all.

Basically, if you are trying to physically create something that you don’t identify with (just yet), you will struggle. When you succeed, you could face losing it all again. Here’s a much easier way to do it.

Do This Instead

I know that we all want to experience things in our physical reality. But you can, in fact, have a very perfect, if not more perfect, experience of your wants and desires in your mind first. Imagine what it is you want. See who it is you are when having the experience, then ask yourself how you can refine yourself to make it even better. Refine everything. Make your life perfect in your imagination.

The more you practice seeing it, you’ll engage more with it and eventually begin to feel it. And that’s what you’re after. Feeling what it is like to have the experience. Then, just give it time. Your physical reality will follow suit.

The Proof You Need

Let your imagination suffice for showing yourself that you have had the experience. Because you will have felt what it feels like to have the experience you desire, as the person you wish to be. The physical you will be different for having done it in your mind. You will be different for seeing yourself as you want to be. Things will unfold much faster than actively looking for what you should do physically.

Quirky Coincidence

Because of the quirky way the mind works with reality, having done it and felt the emotions of it in your imagination somehow proves to yourself that you have already had the experience. Then, this sets the Universal Laws of life in motion and sets about to give you the physical proof. After all, if you have felt it, but haven’t seen it, that imbalance must be resolved. We normally call this “coincidence.”

Do it this way and I promise, your life will change by bringing everything you need right to you. From there, you just need to follow where it leads. Oh…and never stop.