Inspiration in the Dark

Gnome holding coffee with words about how to find inspiration

If you want to lead a different, better, or whatever kind of life you have to stop seeing how the things you have are dwindling or deteriorating. Stop seeing your relationship as falling apart, stop seeing your car as a broken down money pit, stop perceiving your house as messy and old, stop counting all the money that is leaving your bank account. All of these things are called “self sabotage.” That’s not to say to deny that those things exist. Just begin to think about how you would like to improve them, instead of replace them. This is the path to inspiration.

Begin to set the idea in your mind that what you want isn’t to replace what you have with something better, but rather to cultivate, improve, and grow what you already have. As you begin to shift your focus, find little things you can do that require little more than your investment of time and attention. If you nurture and cultivate what you have, it will improve, and before you know it, things will be completely different. When you focus on your growth, rather than your depletion, you are setting your sights on a future which is inspiring and very attainable. When you apply your focus to improvement you will experience inspiration beyond your wildest dreams.