Humility vs Arrogance | What’s Your Story?

If you were to take a good look at yourself could you honestly say that you are who you want to be? Or are you a version of a person who has sculpted yourself with the words of others? If you are telling yourself your story with someone else’s words, then you risk demonstrating the arrogance of being the one to meet everyone else’s needs. The polarity of arrogance serves a devastating blow to the ego when balance is finally restored…and it is always restored. Humility, on the other hand, is something different entirely.

Humility Accomplished

Too often humility is misunderstood. Sometimes it is even considered to be an impoverished perspective. But the truth is, those who are humble are actually the most empowered. Humility isn’t a willingness to settle for less, it is simply knowing who you are, and what you want at a most basic/fundamental level. Not what others want from you or for you. It is simply what you want from, and for, yourself. Embracing what you want, at its most basic level, will expose the polarity of simplicity. Which always results in something so much more than you imagined.

Humility is being honest with yourself about what you want. Not because other people tell you to want it, or because you want to mean something more to others. Know what it is you want. Do not feel entitled to it, nor guilty for it. Simply know what it is you want and allow yourself to see yourself having it. That’s all you really need. To know yourself, accept yourself, and be confident in yourself — this is true humility.