Emotions | What You Want

Front of French coffee shop with words about emotions you're missing

If you want to know what you really want, or what you’re actually missing in life, just look at the things you think you want. Whatever those things are — person, place, or thing — give some thought to how you think having those things will make you feel. Because it’s the emotions, the feelings, you’re missing, not the thing.

All around you, you see images of people and things portraying emotions you’d like to experience. So, naturally, you think it’s the thing that will make you feel the same way. But things, and even people come and go. They lose their luster and we start wanting to experience new things, and new people. Because it was never the person or thing that was bringing the emotion, it was you, permitting yourself to feel it. If you can see that it’s not the thing you want, but rather the emotions that you’re missing, you can begin to find ways to bring that emotion to yourself, and give yourself permission to feel it — over and over. Emotions and feelings do not need an object or person to create the experience. They are always in you, they simply require your attention and permission to experience them, in any form.

Feeling Emotions

When you don’t have what you want, or perceive that what you want as hard to get, perhaps somewhere along your lifeline, you’ve convinced yourself you don’t really want them, because you’ve never been able to get them. Good news is, you can give yourself permission to experience any emotion. All you have to be willing to do is imagine yourself having the experience of feeling any number of emotions.