Questions To Ask Yourself

Coffee picture with questions to ask yourself

Today there are two questions to ask yourself. These are meant to inspire contemplation, because nearly every person takes“knowing” themselves for granted. The truth is, asking yourself questions and allowing yourself to answer is pivotal to changing your life and living more intentionally. The first question helps you reveal who you think yourself to be…you should ask yourself this first question, over and over.

Q1: How do I see myself?

It might start out with simple terms, but the more you visit this question, the more detail you will reveal. Be honest with yourself and challenge your replies. Do you truly see yourself the way you are describing? Or is what you’re saying who you want to be?

Q2: Who do you want to be?

Now that you’re being honest with yourself, the second of our questions to ask yourself will require you to describe who you want to be. Note: This is not to have you list things you want, it’s about who you want to be.

Bridging The Gap

Now that you are beginning to know yourself a bit better now, it’s time to bridge the gap between your two answers. Building this bridge is the path you need to take to change your life. Because building this bridge means considering the actions you take. Because you need to update/change your actions so they may put you more inline with who you want to be.

These are just two of countless questions to ask yourself. You will likely find your own questions as you cross your bridge. It’s a journey, but isn’t that what they say life is? Might as well seize the adventure!