Dare You

cartoon astronaut with coffee and words about getting what you want

You already know, and accept that your mental state affects your body — again, think of the “stress headache.” So we know that our thoughts affect our physical wellbeing, and they also affect how we interact with the world around us. So, it’s really not hard to see that what you think about, you get. Because somehow, the way you think affects the chemistry within you, as well as affects the things you do.

Then there are those funny things that happen that you can’t quite explain. You had a thought, you were rather neutral on it, you didn’t do anything about it, and elements of it become visible in your physical reality. We call this “coincidence,” and chalk it up to the funny way this world works. But what if there’s something more to it? What if there’s something you could do with this phenomena which could make your life better? Would you do it?

For Your Consideration

Too often we spend our time telling ourselves that we don’t have what we want, and we work physically to get some inkling of it. But we never really capture what we want in its entirety, and we end up exhausted.

But what if you and your thoughts were a two way street? What if what you think you want is actually the thought itself wanting you? What if your thoughts have their own consciousness and all all you have to do is give them your undivided attention, and interact with them…instead of finding ways to prove to yourself that you don’t have what you want? You don’t need to feel any particular way about it, you simply need to just indulge yourself in the thought or idea for a minute, and then you will begin to see it come into your reality? Would you do it?

Dare you to give it a try.