It’s Time To Choose Again

Drawing of woman in Paris with words about choosing new thoughts

We know that the emotion you feel after having an experience only chemically lasts in your body for about 90 seconds. After that, continuing to experience that emotion is up to you. How? Read on.

You keep feeling the emotion of your experience because you’re repeating thoughts surrounding what caused you to experience the emotion in the first place. Basically, you’re choosing to think about what happened, and subsequently experience the emotion of it…over and over. Over time the thought will evolve into expectation. This affects how you interact with, and experience the world around you. Essentially, how you think puts filters on your life’s experiences in order to validate your perceptions.

Choose Again

You see, while we all have experiences which affect us, our reactions to those experiences have a very short shelf-life. What we need to realize is that we’re always choosing what to think about. So why not choose to think about something different for a change? There are infinite thoughts to think, yet we choose to repeat the same old, tired few.

Thinking new thoughts is what inspires you to explore new experiences, have new feelings, and take new action in your life. Maybe it’s time to take a chance on letting go of the same old thoughts and give yourself permission to let in something new.