What Did You Expect?

Often we hear thought leaders talk about having faith in getting what you want. “Just have faith that you’ll get it and it’ll come.” While this is true, it’s not always easy to find faith in things that you can’t see a clear path to achieving.

What Is Faith?

So what exactly is faith? Faith can be better understood if you related it to your expectations — what you expect to happen. Your expectations are your faith. Whether you expect good things to happen or bad things to happen isn’t really the issue. It’s about what you can conceptualize happening.

The predictions you can make based on your experiences in life are what dictate your faith…and coincidentally, they dictate what will happen each moment of your life. So again, whatever you have come to expect is your faith, because you’ve experienced it. You know it can/will happen. So how do you develop faith in your loftier dreams — the things you want to happen, but have little evidence, from your experience to date, that they can happen? Keep reading…

In Your Personal Experience

Experiencing something so very different from what you have experienced to this point seems like you have to physically move mountains to rearrange your reality to get it. It’s the expectation that you have to move those mountains which adds extra pressure. This is because you are focussed on the “how” of achieving your dreams. Wanting to know how it could/will happen is an attachment of which you must let go. Wanting to know “how” is what is blocking your “faith.” Wanting to know “how” is you trying to understand something that goes against all of your understanding of life to this point.

This is because you’re trying to understand a different outcome through the unique filters of your life experiences. The filters which have created what you have come to expect. Basically, your current expectations have been created by your life experience to this point. They are not right or wrong, they are simply different. But they do cause us to restrict what is possible. So you’re going to have to distinguish between what you’ve experienced and what you want to be possible.

Faith | Step 1

First things first, you have to accept, at the most basic level, that what you want is possible. No matter how far fetched. Because it is. Everything is possible.

Faith | Step 2

Now that you know that what you want is, in fact, possible, you have to create an expectation. To create an expectation, you have to build your confidence. After all, confidence is what is inherent in expectation. And you already know that what you expect is your faith.

To develop an expectation and build your confidence, you’ll have to work to become the person who can manage all aspects of what it is you want. Prepare yourself by educating yourself to be a good match for what it is you want. This will help adjust how you experience your life, and it is what will adjust what you expect from life.