What You’re Actually Missing

Coffee meme with words about getting what you want.

Living a full life is actually quite simple, once you teach yourself to accept it. (I say “teach” because you have to train yourself to think differently.) If you’re pining for something, or someone, and they’re not showing up it’s literally because you’re pining for them. You feel as though something is missing and you want to fix it. Totally normal…but what if you were to take a different perspective.

What If?

Maybe you can’t fix what you perceive as broken because it’s not actually broken. It’s just not what you truly want. What you want is the emotion you think having what’s missing will give you.

Instead of trying to force things into your reality, try doing something you really enjoy. Indulge yourself in something that lets you forget about the rest of the world. Because you’re not missing anything outside of yourself. What you’re missing is being who you truly are.