How to Choose

Coffee and cupcake picture with words about how to make choices.

We over-think and fret over making decisions…making choices. But that’s because we’re focused on the options before us. The key to making the “right” choice does not begin with choosing between the options. It begins with knowing where it is you want to go. That’s what you need to decide, in order to make a choice.

Wherever You’re Going

If you know where you want to go, even if it seems far-fetched and out of reach, you will consider the options before you to make a choice which you believe to be best suited to get you to your outcome.

Your choice will always set off a chain of events which will bring you exactly what you need to take you to your chosen destination. You just have to know, confidently, where it is you truly want to go.

Oh…and you have to give yourself permission to go there.