Want Answers? Stop Asking Questions

Coffee cup with question mark and words about how to get what you want

Are you focused on trying to figure out the things you don’t understand? Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to get what you want. If you’re constantly asking “how” you’re going in search of questions. It’s time to realize that a subtle switch in how you think of things will get you the answers to all of your questions.

Allow me to explain…

We already know that the thoughts we have are inevitably proven true in the material reality. It’s just how our brain works…the brain seeks to validate what it expects and we get what we think we’ll get. (I can go into more detail citing science, but that’s for another post.) Suffice it to say, if you’re thinking about questions, you’re going to find support for the question, rather than finding the answers.

Try switching your thought process to looking at the answers you want. Because, let’s be honest, you already know what you want the answers to your questions to be. This is how you set out in search of answers…and find the things you want to experience along the way.