Coincidence | It’s All You, Baby!

Coincidences and synchronicities are fascinating things. But there’s more to these “thought castaways” than you may realize. The truth is, your whole life experience is a coincidence of your thoughts. Yes, it’s hard to conceptualize, but by the odd nature of reality, your thoughts do shape your reality.

If you spend a few minutes, you’ll see how you have literally gotten what you thought you would. You may not have liked it, but you “just knew that would happen.” Right. You knew it. Your brain seeks to prove you right. It’s good survival for your brain to find patterns that match your thoughts…because you know what to do. What a coincidence.

But Coincidences Seem Different

Coincidences may seem different, but they are just those times when our thought(s) match up with reality with noticeable specificity. More often, these noticeable events are called “synchronicities,” because they have deeper meaning for the person experiencing them. So how do we create more of these meaningful coincidences?

Some people think it’s the odds of chance playing out. Others think that they just vibed. They tapped into some external force, and somehow the thought interacted with the quantum physics of the universe to make it happen. That’s pretty much spot on, according to mind-bending quantum theory. Only they don’t realize they’re always tapped in. In truth, we’re always vibing. But no matter how people view coincidences, most tend to see at the body and mind as separate, unrelated.

Matching Thought & Coincidence

If you look back over the thought that matched up so perfectly with the reality it conjured…thinking of someone and they call, thinking of a song, and it plays…you will likely find that you spent a brief moment seeing their face, or saw yourself enjoying the song. Some interaction occurred in your mind that resonated with you. You were likely in a relaxed state of mind – in bed, in the shower, etc. You didn’t pine for it, you didn’t force it, you didn’t affirm it, you simply had a thought and allowed yourself to see it clearly. Then, you let it go.

Practicing Coincidence

If you want to create something different, start by recognizing that thoughts are something separate from your physical reality. They’re the “inner you.”

Since it is very likely that your thoughts are being mirrored back to you through your physical reality, begin to adjust your attachment to what happens physically and play a game with coincidence. First, get into a relaxed state of mind. Picture something simple, see it clearly, then forget about it. See how long it takes to pop up in your physical reality…in an unexpected place.

You’ll quickly see that it’s all you, baby!