It’s Your World

Coffee and donut drawing with words about making the world better

When you want to change the world in a manner which best suits your vision, you’re going to have an infinitely easier time if you accept that it’s quicker and easier to change yourself then it is to persuade others.

Truth is, you have an instant affect on the reality you experience. Because your experience is literally all you…even though you probably spend a ton of time focused on your physical reality and thinking it/others are what’s wrong with the world. The truth is, your reality is just a reflection of your thoughts.


Reality works in a funny way. But the bonus is, your thoughts have their own pull. Focus your thoughts, clearly see the world you want, and then act accordingly. Don’t expect others to act in a way you want them to. You do it.

Act the way you want others to act. This alone will change your perspective, and before you even realize it, you’ll have influenced the reality that you perceive. Because that’s the only reality that’s actually real, anyway. Life, which is just the reality that you experience, is 100% subjective. Soon you’ll be living in the world in which you want to live.

You see, it really is your world…and we’re all just living in it.