Prove Yourself Right

You will always find what you’re looking for. Isn’t that interesting? Think about that for just a moment. You always prove yourself right, whether you’re skeptic or faithful. Why is that? To say it simply, because that’s just how your massively amazing, awe-inspiring brain works.

But what about those coincidences you just can’t explain, and usually dismiss as a fluke of chance? What about when your physical experience match your thoughts…rather than your thoughts reflecting on what has already happened?

Weird, Weird Reality

The truth is, reality is weird. And you are always computing something in your big brain…and those computations participate in quantum reality to bring you…**taa-daa** your physical experience.

When you permit yourself to think over events that have already occurred, and you commit an emotion to those thoughts, you’re on your way to a rerun. You’re involving yourself in a reality created by your experiences…which are usually created by someone else’s vision. Basically, you’re participating in someone else’s imagination.

It’s Just How It Works

When you do this, you are a participant in another’s reality…rather than the maker of your own. So, if you don’t like your experiences, you have to get to work changing your thoughts. And the bonus is, with repetition, you will create emotions surrounding that thought. The weirdness of reality will make a quantum calculation combining your thought with your emotion and take it from there.

Just Remember

As you embark on changing the reality you experience, remember, you aren’t trying to “create” something. You’re looking to experience something. There’s a difference. So what you think about shouldn’t be centered around creating it. You need to think about what it is you want to experience.

Those mystics were right. See yourself living it in your imagination. Essentially, play pretend, as you did when you were a child. Then, repeat it. Experience the emotions of it…good and bad thought/emotion combinations work the same. The choice is yours. Then, let that be enough. Things will change in your physical reality, often without you even noticing.

When you’ll do notice, you’ll blow your own mind and say, “that’s a weird coincidence.” It’s not. It’s a synchronicity. You do it more than you think…you just did it on purpose this time. So pay attention. You’ll prove yourself right, as always.