What Are The Chances Of A Life Change?

Do you ever wonder why people say that their vision boards work? It’s not that you are creating based on the images you repeat, or telling yourself grand stories so you can manifest something amazing. It’s that you’re attempting to show yourself what actually exists. You’re attempting to show yourself that what you want is, in fact, possible.

Learning To Fly

We learn to survive in life by understanding our environment. We learn patterns and our brains are really great at finding those patterns again and again. Which is why we basically live the same day over and over. Often, we call these patterns “expectations.” When we can predict our environment, based on our expectations, we are safer.

We establish expectations…until, one day, we want something different than what we have come to expect. That’s when the struggle beings. We struggle to prove to ourselves that what we want, instead of what we have, is realistic.

So, we embark on a journey to try and rewrite our lives. Only problem is…our expectations…those deep seated ideas of how things work in our world, will override the new ideas of what could be. No matter how much you think about something, you simply don’t expect it. Because you have no reference. What you actually expect always comes first. Which is why trying to expect something different often results in really poorly timed, opposite results. You have to show yourself that something else is possible.

Prove It

This is why people make vision boards. They don’t “trick” your subconscious into believing things that are far-fetched. They simply reinforce that something you want does exist. Which means it is possible to have it.

If you want a life change, you don’t need to spend time attempting to convince yourself that you can have something that’s opposite of what you now know. You simply have to spend your time showing yourself that the opposite does exist…that it really is possible.