Try It…See What Happens

Sunshine wearing 3D glasses drinking coffee with words about possibilities

We hear a lot about visualization and creating our own realities. We’re told “you just have to believe.” Well, believing is really hard when you don’t really understand what’s possible. This is because your frame of reference is based on what you’ve experienced. And what you want is something you haven’t experienced…yet.

Reality Is Just Plain Weird

The human brain is crazy amazing. We try to understand it, we try to come up with metaphors for how we think it works, but these are all only educated guesses based on limited knowledge. What we do know is that reality is weird. Really weird. And somehow we can influence it. Don’t believe me? Just consider those really crazy coincidences (AKA: synchronicities) you’ve experienced and just chalked up to random events of chance. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

There’s a chance that when the thought comes before the event, you create a quantum resonance. The thought you hold is unrestricted by your doubts or desires. It is in line with what you, the observer, knows is possible, so it collapses the wave function and poof! You created a very specific experience. You’re probably always doing that…you’ve just gotten used to most of it.

You, The Observer

You’ll hear a ton about the Double Slit Experiment. Where, on the quantum level, an object behaves as both a wave and/or a particle, but chooses one or the other based on the expectation of the observer. Well, you’re the observer.

You’re made of molecules…which are bonded particles. So…what if your thoughts are made of particles, too? You are observing your thoughts through the filters of your unique expectations. You can see where I’m going with this…

The expectations you have formed, based on your life experiences, are (potentially) the the way you influence your reality. Your expectations are what you think is possible. Thus, collapsing the wave function, getting exactly what you want, flawlessly, every damn time.

Getting Different Results

So now you want different results. You’re going to have to influence what you’ve come to expect. If you know you want love, immerse yourself in reading love stories, watching love movies. Show yourself love is actually possible. Same goes for money.

Immerse yourself. Change your expectations to be in line with what you want. Educate yourself about how to handle it once you get it…so you can always make it better. Go ahead. Try it. I’ll wait.