Your Expectations vs What’s Possible

Coffee pot kicking a ball with words about expectations and possibilities

When we think about what we want, we often think about what has to happen to get it. Depending on how different what we want is from what we have, we craft seemingly impossible scenarios which would be necessary to get what we want. We think we actually know what to do. We don’t. Because there are infinite ways to get what we want. Thinking we know the one way of getting it is actually what’s preventing you from experiencing it.

You’re Always Right, Even When You’re Not

We don’t realize that there are always other possible ways of getting what we want. By not realizing that other possibilities exist, we revert back to our core expectations of what is possible. You see, you will always seek to prove yourself right. So you’ll always get what you truly expect. It’s how the brain works. It keeps you safe by showing you the patterns you are most familiar with navigating. So technically, you’re not really programmed to navigate something you don’t even know is possible. If you can’t first conceive that what you want is, in fact, possible, why would your brain seek to find an unfamiliar pattern? This is why your reality remains in line with what you already know.

What I’m trying to say is that your core expectations are what is keeping what you want out of reach. You want it. You just don’t believe it’s actually possible based on the information you have so far.

Probable & Possible

You need to take a good look at what you truly expect. Then, work on realizing (and accepting) that while your goal may not seem probable right now, it is in fact possible. Growing your acceptance that something is possible will begin to loosen your grip on making what you want happen. This is what is causing you stress, and it’s actually not getting you any closer to your goal.

It’s time to start to revise your old expectations and open yourself up to all of the possibilities. Accepting that all things are possible will quickly help you realize that something better than what you have come to expect can happen. This will not only help you accept that your goal is possible, it will help remove the path your old, worn out expectations has devised for you to reach your goal. It will free up your mind to search for other patterns which are in line with your vision.

Remember, your brain always works on getting you your answers. It’s just what it does. Trust it. It’s amazingly powerful and mind bogglingly more competent than any human made computer. Seriously. Your brain is amazing. Teach yourself to open it up to possibilities.

Next Steps

After you’ve started to help yourself realize that there are infinite ways of reaching your goal, and not just that impossible way you’ve concocted based off of your life experiences to this point, you can start taking some action to get the ball rolling. This will help you start to reinforce that what you want is possible.

Think about what you can contribute to the realization of your goal right now. Then go do it. Do what you know how to do…only this time, do it for yourself. Apply yourself. Get even better at it. This is how you will learn what you need to know to (seemingly) effortlessly reach your goal. This is how you walk the path toward your goal.

Plus, it’ll be fun. Because you’ll have stopped stressing about getting what you want. You’ll know that what you want is possible and you will be open to all the possibilities of how you can get it. When you reach this point, you’ll suddenly realize that you actually never knew just how good things could be!