Possibilities Are Your Direction

After taking a long look at synchronicity it’s become clear. Synchronicities and coincidences are just the result of the thoughts you have creating reality. You’re doing it all the time, based on your expectations. Synchronicities are just the seemingly random thoughts that you happen to notice.


Your expectations are what dictate your reality. Do you ever wonder why you seem to effortlessly manifest that song you thought about playing on the radio…or that person you haven’t spoken to in years suddenly reaching out? You don’t have an expectation, a want for the outcome. You are entirely open, in these scenarios, to any possibility.

Yet, when you want something, and you give it your focus, and you visualize it, and really try to feel it in a way that you will manifest it, you seem to get more of what you already know. This is because you’re not reinforcing the new idea for your life. Without even realizing, you’re actually putting a ton of effort into what you already know is possible. You’re putting effort into your current expectations.

Deep down, you simply have no idea that what you want is possible for you. So, you get what you know, what you have come to expect based on your experiences so far. Further convincing yourself that what you want isn’t possible, at least not for you.

Ease Up On Yourself

It’s actually not hard at all to start to turn the tide of what you know is possible to get what you want. You simply have to begin to realize that what you want is a possibility in the vastness of all possibilities in reality. Once you accept that it is, in fact possible, you can begin the process of focusing on learning and practicing your contribution to having the experience.

What you’re doing by taking action isn’t “making it happen.” You’re simply reinforcing to yourself that what you want does exist. You’re giving it your focus. Proving the possibility to yourself. That’s what lets it happen. That’s what asks your brain to fetch the pattern that best matches what you’re thinking. By not forcing your brain to find something it doesn’t even know exists, you simply suggest that it is possible…somewhere…and you let your big brain interact with quantum reality and select the best possible outcome for this new possibility.

Brain Becomes Mind

Work on being open to all possibilities. Don’t confine your thoughts to select from what you already know. Give yourself the directions, so your brain will get you the best available patterns. Because that’s what your brain does. That’s how your brain becomes your mind.

Getting What You Want

You’ve always gotten exactly what you expect…and it’s been flawless. Even if it sucked. It flawlessly sucked. Because that’s what your brain does. It simply went out to get you what you expect. If you get what you want then you expected it. Those are bonuses. Until you teach yourself to expect something different, your brain will continue getting you what you currently expect.

Knowing it is possible is the one and only thing you need to do to begin to shift what you have come to expect in life toward something new. Something better. Knowing that it’s possible is the direction your brain needs. It’ll take it from there. It hasn’t let you down yet.