Pursuits of Passion

We like cause and effect. If we can know the cause we can better understand how life works. It makes life more predictable, which is safe. But we often don’t consider that we are the cause. Our expectations are what interact with this weird thing we call reality and we get exactly what we’re looking for.

Summarizing Expectations

We’ve been going on and on lately about expectations because opening ourselves up to understanding that the opposite of our expectations is possible starts to lift the boundaries in our lives. The boundaries of our expectations are what confine us to a certain lifestyle.

This acceptance allows our brains to fetch the Panglossian “best of all possible worlds.” So, you see, you’re always getting the best of all possible worlds…based on what you think. Based on what you expect. It’s pretty simple.

Gimme 3 Steps

Coming to accept that you don’t actually have the external control you think you do is step one. Realizing that your life is 100% driven by your expectations is step two. The third step is realizing that it’s totally safe, and actually preferred for you to not only accept, but also embrace, that the worst can happen…but equally, you must embrace that the best can happen, too. They are equally as probable. It’s your expectations focused in one direction or the other that determines which way it goes. BUT ~ if you focus on the middle, the neutrality, knowing it’s all possible, you do not confine yourself to expectations and put limits on how you get things. Instead, you allow your big brain to present you with the best, beyond what you can imagine, of the entire spectrum. Because, again, that’s what it does.

Your focus also determines your experience. And the experience is why we’re here. So don’t let what you see with your eyes and feel with your body dictate what is possible and influence the probabilities.

After That

So when you finally accept this, you will also find the acceptance to do what you love and simply enjoy yourself. The reward will become the act of giving what you love your attention and focus. Anything from outside of you will either be a bonus, or irrelevant. It won’t matter what anyone else thinks. Because you’ll be doing what you love and the joy from that could never possibly be measured by anyone or anything other than you.